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News from February 10, 2017

Welcome to 2017 !

Welcome ro SupertightBondage in 2017 ! Just a few short Updates: We are working hard creating new and spectacular new Updates for you. Our Location in Spain is a big constuction area at the moment. But in a few weeks we´ll get a real, dark sensational Dungeon. Next to some great new Outdoor Spots. Lots of work and plans for the next weeks...


In the meantime we will bring you some unique Archiv Clips never been released on one of our Shopmaker Sites ! So stay tuned and enjoy a new Episode on


Extreme Zip Tie Challenge for Afsana

June 22, 2017

14:17 minutes

Afsana in a new and extreme Zip Tie Challenge with a mouthfilling inflatable Gag on Top !



Bonus Update - Outdoor Hogtie for Little Red Girl

June 20, 2017

24:31 minutes

After BoundCon 2017 is done we are now back in Spain shooting new and extraordinary Content for you ! Within the next weeks we can promise you great new Stuff with super sexy Models in extreme and supertight Bondage Scenarios in a wonderful Location !



Welcome to the World of Supertight Bondage

May 04, 2017

21:06 minutes

Super sexy New Bondage Beauty Muriel La Roja in her first ever Outdoor Supertight Balltie Experience...



Supertight Hogtie by the Pool for LRG

April 27, 2017

24:35 minutes

Sexy British Bondage Beauty Little Red Girl gets tied into an incredible tight Hogtie Challenge by Rija Mae...