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Reverse Prayer Hogtie for Lena King

July 24, 2014 − Lena King

21:24 minutes

Outdoor at the poolside in sunny Spain, tied by Damon Pierce !



Elise Graves Outdoor Hogtie by Damon Pierce

July 19, 2014 − U.S. Models

34:55 minutes

One of the most intense Bondage Clips we ever filmed ! U.S. Bondage Superstar gets tied by Damon Pierce in Spain next to the pool. An extremely tight hogtie in the hot spanish Sun. Watch Elise´s Eyes and listen to the sound of her breathing to imagine how intense and painful this extreme and extraordinary Bondage was...



Outdoor Hogtie for Yvette

July 14, 2014 − Yvette Costeau

22:25 minutes

A new spectacular Outdoor Hogtie with Yvette Costeau in the spanish Sun !



Dany Blonde at an Event, tied by Delona !

July 10, 2014

31:07 minutes

The hardest ever suspension for sexy Dany Blonde...



Total Mummification under the Spanish Sun

July 05, 2014

34:01 minutes

This Clip is hot ! And you cannot imagine how hot it was for Raven C. So we inluded her Sunglasses and gave her a glass Sangria to stand this Challenge...



Katarina Blade at the BoundCon Challenge Stage

June 26, 2014

17:42 minutes

Bondage by Philippe Boxis ! Get all Videos from BoundCon 2014 at



Aithusa at the BoundCon Challenge Stage

June 22, 2014

30:02 minutes

Hey, we have a new german Model at the Set - and we are happy that she made the step in front of the camera ! Aithusa is a great Bondage Model. Very flexible and a real life Bondage Lover. So we hope to see much more of her in the future. Her first appearance at Boundcon - and she gets tied down by U.S. Superstar Damon Pierce !!! What a start into a model carreer...



Lena King & Dany Blonde supertight Escape Challenge from BoundCon XI !

June 17, 2014 − Lena King

20:27 minutes

Bondage by Tony & JJ Plush ! Get all Videos from BoundCon 2014 at !