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Xtreme Ballet Boots Predicament for Yvette

March 05, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

25:05 minutes

It´s not so easy to push Yvette to her Limits. With this cruel Predicament Bondage I made it once again...



Lena King - Catch the cookie...

February 20, 2015 − Lena King

26:41 minutes

Lena King escaped from a Bondage Challenge at the Ulm Erotic Fair. So I remembered on a Bondage I´ve seen some time ago from Lew Rubens. He tied a model in a position where she was not able to move any inch. This would be perfect to prosecute Lena, so let´s try out if it works...



Paulli & Electra van Zunit

February 05, 2015

19:41 minutes

live from BoundCon Austria in 2014



Lew Rubens comes over Pling

January 30, 2015

16:55 minutes

Pling is a sweet Lady from Sweden. And an incredible tough and flexible Bondage Model. So we bring her to the probably best Challenge-Rigger in the world - Lew Rubens ! Let´s see if he can tie her down that she will not be able to move an inch...



Umino challenges Lena King

January 25, 2015

15:50 minutes

After Lena won the first battle against Umino he decided to tie her for a second Challenge. Now he ties supertight !!!



A hard one for Rija Mae

January 20, 2015

26:11 minutes

Live on stage at BoundCon Austria - tied by Nawasabi ! Also Shibari Riggers can tie extremely tight !