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News from June 25, 2015

News at SupertightBondage !

Hello Fans & Members !

After 5 years of SupertightBondage we want to change our content lineup a little bit. In the future we bring a new Update once a week. As we have a new shooting venue in Spain we focus on producing more exciting Outdoor Clips. We still shoot Event Clips, but these should be mainly Bonus Updates in the future. As always we try to challenge our models to the maximum, bring them to their absolut limits. Some models can stand it longer, some not so much. But you can be sure, everything we do is really supertight and we continue giving our models a hard, challenging time at Supertightbondage...


Lillian Caine placed in the sun

June 29, 2015 − Lillian Caine

15:38 minutes

Lillian Caine is back ! After almost 3 years, she is hotter than ever. Maybe she needs more practise with supertightbondage, so we startet getting her flexible again...



Fayth on Fire in brutally a tight Ziptie Hogtie

June 22, 2015 − U.S. Models

12:38 minutes

Update 401 starts a new Decade on supertightbondage ! As you can read in our news, we want to bring you more extraordinary Outdoor Stuff ! We start with Fayth on Fire getting a hard Challenge at the Pool in sunny Spain ! Watch her eyes to see how incredible tight this Bondage is...



This was tight...

June 15, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

27:30 minutes

The ultimate Hogtie for the 400th Update Celebration !!!



The ultimate Challenge !

June 10, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

26:51 minutes

Dany Blonde & Yvette Costeau in an ultimate, supertight, inescapable Battle !!!



Extreme Chair Tie for Yvette

May 25, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

34:57 minutes

How tight can you tie a chair tie ??? Yvette will know very soon...



The tightest Breast Bondage

May 20, 2015

9:56 minutes

in combination with an incredibly tight Hogtie. Welcome back, Bettine !



Supertigh Hogtie in Spain !

May 10, 2015 − Yvette Costeau

28:57 minutes

Welcome to our great new venue in Spain ! Yvette opens a new decade with a stunning Hogtie with super thin strings !