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News from June 25, 2015

News at SupertightBondage !

Hello Fans & Members !

After 5 years of SupertightBondage we want to change our content lineup a little bit. In the future we bring a new Update once a week. As we have a new shooting venue in Spain we focus on producing more exciting Outdoor Clips. We still shoot Event Clips, but these should be mainly Bonus Updates in the future. As always we try to challenge our models to the maximum, bring them to their absolut limits. Some models can stand it longer, some not so much. But you can be sure, everything we do is really supertight and we continue giving our models a hard, challenging time at Supertightbondage...


Public Mummification for Lena King

September 25, 2015 − Lena King

15:49 minutes

Sexy Lena King gets mummified in a tight Reverse Prayer Arm Position secured with lots of tape !



Tanya - First ever Supertight Hogtie

September 16, 2015

27:59 minutes

Real Life Slavegirl Tanya in her first ever supertight Hogtie - Outdoor in Spain !



Sexy Swedish Girl Pling at BoundCon

September 09, 2015

25:49 minutes

Challenged into a tight Reverse Prayer Hogtie...



Verena Venusian - Supertight Hogtie at BoundCon XII

September 04, 2015

27:30 minutes

Sweet & sexy German Newcomer Model at her first BoundCon Appearance !



Lena King at BoundCon XII

August 31, 2015 − Lena King

19:30 minutes

Challenged by Jim Hunter in an incredible Reverse Prayer Hogtie !



Sunny Mummification for Fayth

August 24, 2015 − U.S. Models

19:12 minutes

This clip is hot ! Ask Fayth, how she feels mummified in the spanish Sun !