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Yvette is a very popular Fetish & Erotic Model from Germany. And a great Bondage Model. She´s so hot and can stand the most extreme and tightest Bondage Positions. Supertight Hogties, extreme Strappados, touching or even crossing elbows – no problems for Yvette. She also likes Escape Bondages very much. Her problem is, that I like to watch her tied up tightly with no chance to escape more...

You can meet Yvette Costeau live and in strict Bondage at our Events.

Just check the Event Schedule on this site.

Updates with Yvette Costeau

A new Hogtie Experience 0
2014-05-09Yvette Costeau22:14 minutesBondage

A new Hogtie Experience

The "Flying Hogtie" for Yvette 0
2014-04-23Yvette Costeau23:32 minutesBondage

The "Flying Hogtie" for Yvette

Yvette in White... 0
2014-04-09Yvette Costeau27:16 minutesBondage

Yvette in White...

Cruel Supertight Escape Challenge 0
2014-03-27Yvette Costeau43:16 minutesBondage

Cruel Supertight Escape Challenge

Rope Battle Hogtie for Yvette Costeau 0
2014-02-28Yvette Costeau44:08 minutesBondage

Rope Battle Hogtie for Yvette Costeau

Yvette Costeau Signature Hogtie 0
2014-02-05Yvette Costeau20:50 minutesBondage

Yvette Costeau Signature Hogtie

Tape Mummification for Yvette 0
2014-01-26Yvette Costeau21:20 minutesBondage

Tape Mummification for Yvette

Yvette - Strappado meets Hogtie 0
2013-12-20Yvette Costeau27:38 minutesBondage

Yvette - Strappado meets Hogtie

Yvette - hogtied to the Maxxx... 0
2013-12-07Yvette Costeau25:27 minutesBondage

Yvette - hogtied to the Maxxx...